Friday, March 20, 2009

Celia - Organizer # 6

The emphasis on those main points is totally justifiable in the sense that they have a drastic impact on Shepard's lifestyle.
First of all, a new character, BG is introduced on chapter 13. He is going to be Shepard's roomate, and it will change many things. Indeed, added to the fact that they room up together, they also start working together. It is complicated to do both at the same time, and it degrades their relationship. Adam and Derrick's relationship - that Adam absolutely adores - will also receives the repercussions of BG's arrival. I triangle is formed. However, BG and Adam's relationship keeps going up and down, there is a lot of drama.
Also, I chose to put an emphasis on the house, because it is a very big accomplishment in Shepard's process, only after 6 months. It was his last goal to achieve. Indeed, by that time, he already had a job, a car and the money he was hoping to have after a year ($2500) It is an important feature because it is the moment when he proves that social class mobility is available, and the American Dream still alive.

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