Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Nick - Quizzer Chapters 13 & 14

At the beginning of Ch. 13 Shepard moves from Mickey’s attic to a duplex. The attic space cost 400 per month and his new living arrangement cost $325 + utilities. He also had to deal with a roommate that did not share his same enthusiasm about keeping the house clean. Was this a good choice on his part?

Derrick’s cousin, BG, joins Shepard and Derrick’s moving crew. However, he does not have the same work ethic and pulls the other members down with him. If you were in Shepard’s position would you take any action or just deal with the added burden?

Shepard goes home for Christmas break to visit his family. Do you think that this is fair taking into consideration that he is supposed to be living as if he had nothing? He did make up a life that his mom was a drug addict and his father left him. Was the Christmas break trip home a vacation from the world he was trying to live in?

Shepard is around seven months into his project. Is he on track toward completing the goals he set out to achieve?

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