Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Celia - Voc. Intro/Chap1.


Lethargy(p.1) : Abnormal drownsiness - lack of energy.
Demise (p.1) : Death.

Tarp (p.2) : Tarpaulin = A covering or canvas coated with a waterproof canvas.

A rebuttal (p.3) : An opposition.

Feats (p.4 ) : A deed of unusual daring.
Greed (p.4) : Excessive desire for wealth.


Scuffy (p.6) : Shabby.

Tattered (p.8) : Torn.
Retaliating (p.8) : To return life for like.
Vagrant (p.8) : A wanderer.

"The NAGGING barks of dogs" (p.9) : the ANNOYING barks.
"A list RIDDLED with..." (p.9) : A list PUZZLED with.

" He seemed BEWILDERED" (p.10) : He seemed CONFUSED.

To be huddled together (p.11) : To be close.
Endeavor (p.11) : Earnest effort.
To chime in (p.11) : To join in.

To plead (p.12) : To offer an excuse.
To holler (p.12) : To yell.

Warehouses (p.13) : Building where goods are stored.
Witty (p.13) : Cleverly funny.
Demeanor (p.13) : Outward behavior.

Wisecrack (p.14) : Facetious (joking) remark.

Sissy (p.15) : An effeminate boy.
To be mesmerized (p.15) : To be hypnotyzed.
To squander (p.15) : To spend wastefully.
Spiel (p.15) : A talk.
Bums (p.15) : Vagrants.

To scoled (p.18) : To use abusive language.
Sturn (p.18) : Strict/severe.

Stench (p.19) : Offensive smell.
Splochy (p.19) : Stained.

Tenures (p.20) : condition under which someone is held.

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