Monday, March 9, 2009

Sophia - Quizzer Chapters 6 & 7

Q: In chapter 6 Adam is told by some people at the shelter that he needs a different pair of pants because he is starting to smell. He decided to go to the Goodwill, what did he think of it? What kind of items were there? What did he get there?
A: Adam believes that the Goodwill is for everybody no matter whom you are whether you are rich, poor, fat, skinny, ugly, or pretty. Almost everything there can be bought for under $3. There was more then clothes there, they also had furniture, books, and lamps. He used his voucher and got two pairs of pants and two shirts.

Q. They said that it was never boring at the shelter that there was always some kind of conversation going on. Most night there was arguing, what kind of things did they talk and argue about?
A: They would have some general conversations about what happened during the day and about the new people that came to the shelter. But the most entertaining things would be the arguing. They argued about anything and everything that they could. There were never any dull topics.

Q: What is the cigarette trade? Why would Adam want to become part of it?
A: The cigarette trade is like a social event. It is not only a smoke break but a time to talk to others, learn things, and trade items. Things that were traded were cigarettes, clothes, and pretty much anything else that could be traded. Adam wanted to become a part of the cigarette trade because then he would find out about what was going on and become accepted in the shelter faster.

Q: What was Adams meeting with Kazia like?
A: It started out that she was 25 minutes late, because she was with a different client. They talked about why he was there and what his family was like. Although she probably did not believe him because he was stuttering with some of the questions that he did not rehearse; some of those questions were about the kind of drugs that his mother was taken which was Methamphetamine, and that his brother was taking care of her. But she her job was just to help him make a plan to get out of the shelter.

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