Saturday, March 14, 2009

Nick - Summaries Chapt 11 & 12

Ch. 11

Adam is working at Fast Company as a mover. On a move one day he knocked over a big piece of metal and it landed on his toe, breaking it. This was unfortunate because he was about to move out of the shelter. He went to the hospital and was told to stay off it and to keep it elevated for 5 days. After the time was up he went back to Fast Company and did work around the office until his toe healed. His partner for the last few weeks, Shaun, was fired so he got to work with Derrick Hale, a legend at Fast Company. Derrick was the best at moving and everyone knew it but what amazed Shepard was that he was so humble. They got along and Hale suggested that they form their own crew, with another mover named Mike. Shepard moved out of the shelter after about 2 months of living there and into an attic at George’s friend’s house. He had saved up nearly 1,750 dollars and decided he wanted to purchase a vehicle. He negotiated at the dealers and bought a 1988 GMC Sierra S-15 truck.

Ch. 12

Shepard is still at his moving job. He talks about how the winter months are approaching and people were becoming more careless. The general manager, Jed, ranted about what needed to change within the company and told people to shape up or they would be fired. He goes onto explain that people at Fast Company do not think that Jed is a good leader compared to his dad who died in 2005. His dad, Sherman would back up the employees and was compassionate. Mike was condescending towards Shepard and Derrick told Shep that if they were to work together in the future Shep would have to talk to Jill about having Mike out of their crew. He did and was pleased with himself that Derrick truly wanted to work with him. At the end of the chapter he briefly talked about finding a roommate so he could move out of Mickey’s attic.

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