Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Matt - Quizzer : Intro/Chapter 1

Q: In the beginning of chapter 1, why is Adam Shepard frustrated?
A: Adam Shepard is frustrated with all the complaining and the lack of motivation that many young people exhibit. He finds it disappointing that many Americans talk about how good it used to be and how bad it is, today. Another problem that irks him is that many people have terrible attitudes; they focus on “I don’t have” instead of “Let’s see what I can do with what I have.” His response to these frustrations is to prove you can start with nothing and work your way to the top.

Q: Is Shepard’s frustration from question one justifiable?
A: Yes, He has every right to feel frustrated with poor attitudes many Americans have. In America, there are many different ways to succeed in life. If you are not good at one field of study or occupation there are other opportunities out there for you to utilize. Also, America makes it possible for almost anyone to get a quality education, so lack of education is rarely a problem for Americans who have a desire to succeed in life.

Q: Why do many American have stereotypes about poor people and about homeless people?
A: Many stereotypes about homeless people arise from the fact that they are misunderstood by many Americans. Many people see them as bums on the street who do not want to contribute to society. While this may be true for some, Most of the homeless are people experiencing extremely hard times. Most of them would work if they had the means to find a job, and many of them are trying to move up in society; they just need a little help from everyone around them to accomplish this.

Q: Some critics suggest that the results of this book are skewed because he is a white man in the prime of his life; do you think this will significantly affect the results?
A: No, I do not think the fact that Shepard is white and in the prime of his life will significantly affect his findings. Many of the jobs he has done thus far could be completed by almost anyone in reasonably good shape. What’s more important is his good work ethic and his never quit attitude. This is what will determine if his study will be a success or not.

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