Saturday, March 21, 2009

Celia - Quizzer Chap 15 & 16

Q1: How does BG and Adam’s relationship evolves? Why? Is it legitimate?
At that point of the book, Adam is already slightly annoyed with BG, and thinks that he has made many concessions. However, even though Adam gave some signs, BG keeps acting selfishly and taking things for granted, with Adam’s truck for example. He goes away with his truck, without even considering that Adam could need it, and invents lies and other pretexts. Adam will become very angry as BG’s behavior doesn’t change and is pushed to the extreme of non respect.

It is totally legitimate because as in every relationship, compromises must come from both persons and honesty should be one of the primary values. Who would not get mad at his or her roommate who would eat his or her food, take his or her car on a regular basis without filling up the gas tank – or basically taking advantage of most of your goods?

Q2: What happens next?
BG took the truck and drove to a karaoke night with it, not even two blocks away from home. Adam was suspicious and walked around to see if his doubts could be confirmed. In found his car, “stole” it and hid it a little bit further, in order to make BG feeling bad. It works, BG apologizes and Adam considers the case closed, until, 3 days later, when BG does the exact same thing. This time, Adam is totally angry and mad, and as soon as BG comes back, he jumps on him and they start to fight, very intensely. Derrick has to intervene and tries to separate them, thinking that BG could actually kill Adam. No matter how much blood Adam is bleeding, he’s fighting for his respect.

A couple of days later, the two roommates finally apologize to each other, and a brand new relationship grew out of this fight, they became best friends since then. They also agreed that both working and living together was too much; BG changed crew and it helped a lot to purify their relationship.

Q3: Why does Adam leave Charleston earlier than initially planned? Does it change the final results of his experience?
Adam’s mother’s cancer returned, and he needed to be close to her and help his brother and father taking care of her and paying for the needed treatments. Adam starts working for Fast Company but in Raleigh, and also gets a job as a wheelchair attendant at the airport. All he is doing there is not part of his experience anymore, it is “real life.”
The fact that Adam left Charleston earlier doesn’t affect his project because he had already achieved the goals that he had set.

Q4: How does he feel before leaving Charleston? How do BG and Derrick react when Adam reveals the real purpose of his situation and adventure?
Adam is proud of what he achieved and experienced. As he is making the point about the past months that he lived, he also thinks a lot about the future months coming up. He is wondering how he could evolve in the society with the money that he has that point ($5300) considered what he achieved with only $25.

Derrick and BG react the same way, they are indifferent to the news. I found that reaction very interesting because before reading the book, I was certain that if anyone would learn about the real purpose of Adam’s adventure it would create some sort of tension. I was expecting a lot of “why?” and probably some jealousy somehow. After all, why would someone voluntarily choose to start from “nothing” when some have not had the choice?

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