Sunday, March 22, 2009

Celia - Summary Epilogue

In the epilogue, Adam explains that he exceeded his own expectations. As the chapters go by, his social ascension is totally observable and he reaches his goals after 6 months only. He ended his project earlier because of his mother’s cancer, but if he had continued all the way, he would have very easily doubled his resources.

Adams talks about the stereotypes that he had about homelessness prior to his experience. As many people do, he didn’t know all the resources that the shelters had and all the services that they could offer to the people in need. Also, he admits that he supposed that all the homeless shelter residents would be “old, hairy and smelly.” His experience showed him that some people are unfortunately victims of fate.

Later in the epilogue, Adam spend a while talking about his country and how great it is. He realized that this experiment would have turned out very differently in another country in Latin America, Asia or Africa. He proudly deems that he lives in the “greatest country in the world,” and explains that the USA is a place where opportunities are everywhere if people adopt the good attitudes. He thinks that too many people are in an “it ain’t my fault” spiral and keep complaining instead of taking responsibilities.

From that point, he insists on the fact that people should be increase their responsibilities within their own communities and stop waiting for the government’s actions.
Finally, Shepard thinks that besides his College education, his life is pretty much like before his experience. He plans on keeping the same tactics and techniques to save money that he assimilated throughout his year.

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