Monday, March 9, 2009

Celia - Summaries Chapt 6 & 7

Chapter #6: Hustle time.

On chapter 6, it is the first time that someone makes a remark about his appearance; indeed, one of the residents suggests Shepard to go buy a new pair of pants, supporting the thesis that “if you can smell yourself today, someone could smell you yesterday.” Shepard goes to Goodwill, a place where you can buy used pieces of clothing. At first, since he had money, he was thinking about getting several pairs of pants or shorts but he wondered who he had to impress… And he ended up buying only one pair. I think that it is a strong statement, because he has the money to buy more and look better but he doesn't derives from his priorities and rather save his money.

This same guy talked to Shepard about a moving company called Fast Company. He is said that they hire people and pay them $8 per hour, plus the tips, and there is no previous experience required. It sounds very appealing to Shepard, so he goes there, hoping to have an interview or so, but he only gets a chance to fill in one more application. He is really upset and frustrated about this application process.

In this same chapter, Shepard emphasizes a lot the way he feels at the shelter. As we read, we can feel that he has his landmarks and feels “home.”He has friends there and his routine. It doesn’t sound as bad as it could be. He thinks that the residents are “some of the funniest, wittiest guys” he has ever met.

Shepard takes part in a new activity: cigarette trade. He bought a $6 carton and sells cigarettes 25 cents apiece.

By the end of the 6th chapter, Shepard is affected and upset because it is the 5th night in a row that he has no news from any company. He wonders if it is the job market is really bad or if it is a time of recession, but all he knows is that he desperately needs a job to survive.

Chapter #7: Job Hunting 101 with Pr. Phil Coleman.

The seventh chapter starts with Phil Colman, one of the residents, saying that today, he will get a job...

Shepard on his side, still has no news from Fast Company, and goes working to a car wash job. He makes $38, which is a big difference compared to his last experience at the infant clothing store.

After his day of work, Shepard has an appointment at 5pm with Kazia, who is his caseworker, and he has heard before that she is one of the best, even though she ha sbeen working there for a few months only. Together, they go through budgeting and other techniques to be back on his feet as soon as possible.

Wednesday night, Shepard leaves a message on the voice mail of Fast Company, regarding any job openings. He doesn't have any answer, so as he did the day before, he goes to work at the car wash. He discusses with Phil why he cannot get any job. Phil gives him some advice and acts the way Shepard should behave when he is looking for a job: "Look here, homeboy. You need me. I'm the best worker you're gonna find, so hire me or not." Phil explains that he should be assertive, go and make the managers see that it is a mistake not to hire him.

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