Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Matt - Summaries Chapters 8 to 10

Adam Shepard, like almost everyone, else was getting sick of living at the shelter. Verbal fights were very common place as frustrations grew. That Friday was no different, but Shepard was determined to see Curtis McNeil about getting a job as a mover. Previously, he had not had much luck with him, but today, he was armed with a new attitude that he learned from Phil Coleman in the previous chapter. Shepard learned that the key to finding a good job as a homeless person is to be assertive. Adam went to Fast Company and gave Curtis the speech that he had rehearsed over and over again. It was risky for him to be that bold, but his assertiveness paid off and, he landed a job as a mover. On Monday he showed up for his first day of work; it was a small job, but it was his training session. Shepard’s fellow workers soon realized he may not be one of the strongest movers, but he was definitely one of the most dedicated. Soon, Adam was assigned to a permanent crew; he began working with Shaun Caldwell. Even though Shaun’s personality was the exact opposite of Adam’s they made a good team moving furniture. Shaun’s aggressive attitude landed the larger, better paying jobs, and they both worked with such determination that many jobs did not take more than a few hours. After a few weeks, things started to go down hill with Shaun. He became very irritable and working with him became a chore. He began complaining about all the things that were going wrong in his life, and it was starting to drag Shepard down. To make matters worse, money from their last job was missing. As a result, Adam had to pay $143.50 to make up for it, but hopefully, things would soon change for the better.

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