Saturday, March 7, 2009

Nick - Quizzer Chapters 2 to 5

Q: In chapter 2 Shepard experiences employment with EasyLabor Inc. After reading about the working conditions, if you were in his same situation would you do temporary jobs or look for a part/full-time job?

A: When I first heard about the temporary jobs, I thought it was a good idea. At I would be making money. I think that it was important for the first few days that Shepard went out and made some capital so he could buy a towel, shirts and pants. The working conditions were very tough, and being physically fit really worked out for him in that case. I would probably do the same thing that he did and earn some money with the temporary jobs. Then try to find a full-time job after I bought some necessities.

Q: In chapter 4 when the work crew is done at the baby clothes store they are asked by the manager to open their bags. Do you think that they were treated that way because they were temporary employees? Would you have done anything different?

A: I think that their appearance and the fact that they were temporary employees did cause the manager to think about trusting them. It would be easy to sneak something into a backpack and walk right out of the store. If I was in the manager’s position I may have done the same thing. Of course she was not nice to Shepard and the crew the whole day, so I can see where they would be angry at her if she asked to see their bags. If I was the manager I probably would’ve laid down some ground rules as soon as they got there and said, “Before you leave I will ask you to show me the inside of your bags.” This way the employees know that it is a policy from the start.

Q: Some people at the shelter seem to like it there while others want to get out immediately. Would you stay at the shelter to save up money or as soon as you had enough would you move out?

A: For me it would depend on the people and the conditions of the shelter. The shelter that Shepard stayed at had a curfew at nine o’clock. This alone would want to make me leave as soon as possible. I would just like to be more independent. However, I would stay for a period of time until I knew that I could afford rent. That way I would not find myself back in the shelter after I left.

Q: In chapter 5, Shepard talks about donating plasma. He says, “I was inviting the doctors and their assistants to have their way with my bodily fluids for a price. I was a plasma whore…” What is the difference between donating blood and donating plasma. Does it make you a “whore” for receiving money for your donation? If you were in his situation would this be a source of income for you?

A: When people donate blood they are not compensated with money. Plasma differs because donors do receive a substantial amount for the amount of time that is spent donating. I guess it depends on how someone would define the word “whore,” but whore or not I would definitely donate plasma if I was in a situation like his. It would be an extra $60 a week and that would add up to $240 a month for a total of 8 hours of “work”.

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