Sunday, March 15, 2009

Quizzer- Chapters 11 &12

Q: When Adam Shepard breaks his toe working on the job one day, why does he consider himself fortunate?
A: He realizes that he is fortunate for a number of reasons. Adam has roughly $1500 saved up in case anything unexpected comes up like losing his job. He realizes his boss is tolerant of the injury, so he will not get fired. He feels fortunate that he only broke his toe and not his leg; if he had broken his leg, he could be out of work for a few months instead of a few weeks. Also, his injury was covered by his insurance.

Q: Why did Adam Shepard decide to write his bus driver a letter and what was its significance?
A: Adam wrote his letter to the bus driver to show his gratitude, and he wanted to let the bus driver know he appreciated the simple task he performed everyday. Even though this letter was meant for one person, it could apply to thousands of people all over the world. Average people wake up everyday and perform above average feats; often, they live their lives without realizing the impact they have on peoples’ lives. Adam wrote his letter to acknowledge these people.

Q: Why did workers like “Sherman’s” Fast Company better than “Jed’s” Fast Company?
A: The workers of Fast Company said they felt like a family when under Sherman’s leadership. He motivated the workers and made them want to move furniture. He stood up for his workers if a customer complained, and he tried to help them out in financially hard times. Jed, on the other hand, hardly ever shows up at the company to interact with the workers. If a customer complained, all he cared about was making sure the paperwork got filled out correctly. The workers just did not like his lack of hands-on leadership.

Q: How was Derrick Hale different from Adam’s preconceived ideas and how did that contribute to their friendship?
A: Shepard thought Fast Company’s best mover would be tall and muscular; he was caught over guard by the rather normal looking man that was Derrick Hale. As it turns out, Derrick was the perfect blend strength, quickness, stamina, and knowledge; this is what made him one of the best movers. Also, he was very down to earth and not a jerk like some of the other movers. Adam was drawn to his expertise as a mover and Derrick’s laid back, always positive attitude. It was the start of a lasting friendship that Adam enjoyed.

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