Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nick - Organizer #4

I focused on some main issues of the chapters that were assigned this week. In chapter 8, Adam Shepard talked about his views within the shelter. Everyone had an opinion, and rarely was someone afraid to express it. There would be intriguing topics discussed at dinner and many arguments, especially about current events. In chapter 9, he starts working for the moving company. It is a big deal to him because he has a decent wage and knows he will have work to do every day. In chapter 10, he explains a rough week that he had while he was staying at the shelter. His friend Marco decided to move out, his work partner who he was once friends with started getting on his bad side and he made a mistake when turning in a payment for the moving services and it was lost. This resulted in him having to dip into his precious savings for almost $150.

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