Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sophia- Quizzer Epilogue

Q: What are some of the horror stories that Adam did not talk about?
A: Some of the stories that Adam did not talk about was not because they were not important but because otherwise his book would have been about 100 more pages. He could have talked more about the stories about the war from other people at the shelter, The guy that was stabbed with a six inch blade outside of the shelter and later the next day came in and was showing everybody it, about other moves that he did like to Florida and Virginia, or about the quarrels that he a BG got into. Other stories that he could have talked about was a crack-ring bust that happened in their neighborhood and when he escorted a narcoleptic pothead to Tennessee.

Q: Why does Adam refer to us all as pilots?
A: Because we all have to choose what we want to do in life whether we want to try to move up in our lives or we just want to sit there and just make it by. When people are at the bottom they should take less time off and not go on as many big vacation. That way they can work and save up enough money to be more stable.

Q: Adam says that the “American Dream” is so much more than it used to be, what does he say it is now? What did it used to be?
A: The “American Dream” used to be that a European would sell all of his goods and sail to America with only $100. He would work in the factories so that his children would have the opportunity to school. Also he would get married and have 2.5 children. But now the “American Dream” is not only about financial ambition, but about having the chance to work hard for what you want and about fining happiness and solace.

Q: Adam says that we should go out and help the unprivileged people. What are some of the things that he suggests?
A: First of all just paying taxes is not enough. People should pick up the phone, volunteer, talk to a parent about his or her questionable behavior, or make a loan that does not need to be paid back. Another thing that people can do is go to the local school and volunteer after school to work with the children. Some of the things that they can do are read to the children, help them with fractions, or teach them how to play different games or sports. Doing these things won’t only make the person doing them feel good, but also the child who they are helping.

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