Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sophia - Organizer #5

On one of his moves they end up going to a house the lady does not have anything packed up. While they were taking things out and Adam knocked over some chairs and 100 lbs steel plate landed on his toe. He ended up breaking his big toe and was on bed rest for five days. When he finally got to return to work he started out with different odds and ends jobs around the office like phone calls, filing papers, and other office duties. But he talked about how it could have been worst like it could have been his leg and then he would have been off of work for two months instead of two weeks. After working at the Fast Company for awhile he had saved up enough money to move out. He moved to an apartment that was owned by Mickey, a friend of his Sunday employer, and he had to pay $100 a week for rent. His first partner at Fast Company fired, so after that Adam got partnered up with Derrick Hale. Derrick was known for his strength, quickness, stamina, and knowledge. Adam and Derrick became very good friends.

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