Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sophia –Summary Chapter 13-14

BG (Bubble Gum)-He is Derricks cousin and he is living with Adam.
Chris- The owner of Fast Company.
Derrick- On Adam’s moving team and good friends with Adam.
Bonesy- A friend of Derrick and BG.
Mizz Sully- The person that they moved and it took eighteen and a half hours.

During the months of October to the beginning of December BG, Derricks cousin, lived with Derrick. But Derrick said that he could not live there anymore because his daughter wanted her room back. Adam was looking to rent a new place and he needed a roommate so he asked BG if he wanted to live with him. Adam decided to move out of the place that he was renting from Mickey. However the place that he decided that he wanted to rent was in much worse condition. So they offered to clean it for the realtor if the realtor provided all of the supplies, which the realtor gladly did. BG was much better at the fixing of this ten Adam was, so Derrick came over once in a while and helped Adam pick up his slack. Adam wanted the master bedroom so he offered to pay $325 a month rent and BG could pay $275 a month. They did not start out with much furniture but since they were both working at Fast Company they would take all of the stuff that the owners did not want. Soon their place was fully furnished. In December Derrick had told Pam one of the people at the Fast Company that Adam needed a raise. Adam did not think that he was able to ask for one yet. But he did get a raise his pay checks when from $9 an hour to $10 an hour. Adam was able to go home for Christmas; it was the first time that he saw his family in five months. He got to spend a couple of days with them and catch up. Then he had to return so that he would not be late for work. The first electric bill that they received was for $209, BG was furious because he does not like to spend his money on those things. So from then on he went around the house turning off all of the lights, even at night when Adam was trying to cook. The January light bill was down to $125 which was more like the normal. Adam got a membership for the East Shore Athletic Club which cost him less than $43 a month. Adam and two new guys had a huge move that took them eighteen and a half hours to move. It was for a lady named Mizz Sully. BG started to take Adams truck more and more and it was making Adam mad. Derrick moved so he was no longer living next to Adam and BG. In January just 11 days shy of his six month anniversary and he already had $2,514.36 in his account. He was way above schedule but he still was shopping at the Goodwill and buying whatever food was on sale.

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