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Sophia - Summaries Chapter 2 to 5

Chapters 2, 3, 4, and 5

Omar- One of the people at the shelter that Adam became friends with. He is close in age to Adam, had father troubles, and is very popular.

Ann- The person at the shelter that makes sure that everybody is up and out of the shelter when they need to be. She is very strict and does not care if people like her or not.

Ms. Evelyn – Was the person that spoke to people in the orientation.

Kazia- Adam’s caseworker.

George- A neighbor to the construction site that Adam was working at on his first Friday and the person that hired Adam to work for him for 6 Sundays.

Larry- Another friend who found a job on an online site as a garbage man, and his plan was to be out of the shelter within a week.

Easy E- Had taught Adam how to wash his clothes in the shower with a bar of soap so he could save money on laundry.

Chapter 2

On the first day at the shelter he was suppose to go to the orientation, but he was offered a job so he asked if he could go to the orientation the next day. They allowed him to go to the job. The first job that he got was on that Sarge warned him not to take. It was one that was through temp agency. The agency said that some jobs would pay them $10 an hour but the normal was $6-6.75. His first job was a construction job where he worked for six and a half hours and received about $5 an hour. After his day at work he went back to the shelter and listen to many stories from all the people there.

Chapter 3

This chapter is about his orientation and his caseworker. He found out during his orientation that there are many services given to people at the shelter. Some of these services include lawyers, nurses, doctors, and caseworkers. Ms. Evelyn is the person who assigned him to his social worker. She gave him three pairs of socks, a water bottle, a bar of soap, and discount bus tickets to ride for $0.50 instead of $1.25. The caseworker that Adam was assigned to was Kazia. She is working on a master degree at the University of South Carolina in Columbia. After all of the discussions and orientation Adam went to work for Ken at a construction site. After working there he met George who offered him a job on Sunday. After his long day of work he decided to take a shower. It was his first shower since he arrived at the shelter.

Chapter 4

He got a job of hanging up baby clothes at a new mall, because there was going to be opened soon and they just received a new shipment. The ladies that worked there treated the homeless worker like dirt. After working for them they had said that they called the bus for them. After waiting for a while Adam went in to make sure that they called. He was mad to see them all eating off of a meat and cheese and sitting in the air conditioning, when they were extremely hungry and very hot. He got mad at the owner and told her off and went in and stole some bread and meat. After the bus came he went to get paid. After working for four hours there he only earned $14. Omar and Adam had talked of someday renting an apartment for $400 a month. One of his friends, Larry, landed a full time job as a garbage man and he was going to be moving out. Easy E, another friend, had taught him how to wash his clothes in the shower rather then pay for laundry.

Chapter 5

He went to work for George on Sunday, little did he know that he was going to be shoveling dog poop. When he was finished with that George gave him another job pulling out weeds. He paid him $40 cash for the four hours of work and gave him a sandwich because he missed lunch at the shelter. George had many other weeds that still need to be pulled when Adam finished so he told Adam that he could come back. Adam figured that there would be enough weeds there to employ him for five more Sundays. Later Omar and Adam went to give plasma on the other side of town. Lots of people went there so that they could earn some extra money. They were told that they could donate twice a week and they would receive $30 each time. After a long day together Omar and Adam got to know each other a lot better.

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