Saturday, March 21, 2009

Matt- Summary: Chapters 15-16

Even though Adam and BG had worked out their differences in the past, they still had problems with each other. Most of these problems were centered around the use of Adam’s truck. BG felt he could use Adam’s truck whenever he felt like it and Adam, did not share his feelings. BG would often “borrow” Adam’s truck without asking first, and he would fail to bring it back at the specified times. As a result, Adam came up with several ingenious tricks to try and teach BG not to abuse his privilege of using the truck. Adam tricked him into thinking the truck was stolen, and BG would have to find it. When that didn’t work, Adam turned every light and appliance in the house on until BG brought the truck back. BG still didn’t learn his lesson, so one day Adam had had enough and started a fight with BG. Unfortunately, Adam was not much of a fighter, so he got beat up pretty bad. Nevertheless, the two of them forgave each other and put their differences aside. After that, they had a new respect for each other, BG never took Adam’s truck without asking, and, as a result, their relationship flourished. When his parents’ health became an issue, Adam figured it was time to start heading back towards home. His mother, who never needed help from anyone, was struggling with reoccurring cancer. Even though his brother and father helped her with errands and drove her to the hospital, she did not have anyone to lean on financially because she and her husband were divorced. Adam would be able to get a job with the Fast Company in Raleigh, but it would not be the same for him. As he was packing up his things, he reflected on his time in Charleston. As he began his journey home, he realized that he had accomplished his goals, experienced a new way of life and made several friends along the way.

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